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5 tips for biginner poker players

Poker is one of the most popular games in India. People wish to try the game but stay away from playing poker online due to the illusion that it's a difficult one to play. Several rules and strategies indeed make it a bit difficult for the beginners to know where to begin, but not so much that you can't play and win it.

With the right guidance, proper habits, deep study and a grasp of the fundamentals, you can easily start to learn how to play poker and progress to the next level like a pro. Here are some helpful tips for beginners like you, who want to 5 Tips for biginners poker Players

1. Learn the rules

Some might think that why this in the list as this is the obvious thing. But there are several poker players who start trying their luck in the game without looking at the rules. No matter you are playing poker in casino or online, you should first learn the rules of the game. It will not just boost your confidence but will also make the game more enjoyable and minimize the chances of you losing your chips.

2. Carefully select the hands you play

This is one of the most important tips for poker beginners. You should be extremely selective with the hands you play and start with decently good hands. Now you must be thinking, what does 'decently good hands' mean?

  • 6max - The top 20% of hands
  • Full Ring - The top 15% of hands

    Given below are the examples of how the top 20% and 15% hands look like. The ones marked in yellow are the ones you want to play.

    Top 20% of poker hands

    Top 15% of poker hands

    So, according to this, you should keep it relatively tight preflop and fold 80-85% of all hands dealt before the flop.

    3. Start with ABC poker

    If you have watched poker tournaments in India, you must have noticed that experienced players don't mind doing bluffing to win the game. They pretend to have hands which they actually don't have. But as a beginner, you should leave this trick only for professional poker players and focus on the cards you have in your hands. Sticking to ABC poker might not help you win too much but it will definitely minimize the chances of losing too much.5 Tips for biginners poker Players

    4. Consider your opponent's cards

    Along with your cards, you should also think about your opponent's cards. Don't get too excited if you have got a big hand as your opponent might have a better hand than you. And if you feel this, be ready to fold. For instance, a straight might be a decent card for you, but the situation won't be the same if your opponent has four cards of the same suit and he decides to push them all.

    5. Don't draw too much

    Understand the basic poker math and calculate your chances of pot odds. If you feel that opponent's bet amount is too big to make your hand, avoid opting for a draw.

    Just remember, these tips are not to teach you how to win as there is no such strategy to ensure it. These tips are just to help you know how to play poker and stay confident while playing the game.5 Tips for biginners poker Players