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Top 10 poker sites in india


Poker in today's time is one of the highly played online games in India. The interest of the players in this game is not just due to the entertainment quotient but also due to the yields it gets you on winning the game.

The growing interest in poker game among the masses in India resulted in mushrooming of the online gaming sites providing a platform to play online poker. But looking at the illegality of betting in India and the risk of losing money associated with the game, you cannot rely on every site. To ensure that you enjoy the game without any risk, you need to choose a safe and secure platform. Here is the list of top 10 poker sites in India: Top 10 Poker Sites in India

1. Adda52

This online card gaming platform has been striving hard to establish itself as a leading online poker platform in India. Not just the smooth and entertaining platform for Poker Game, the website is also known for its overwhelming promotions to attract new players. In addition to this, the site also has special programs for its loyal players.


2. Spartan

This online gaming platform is known for its extensive and record-breaking tournaments like Indian Poker Championship. Spartan Poker proudly boasts of a huge number of players and amazing surprises for them.


3. Poker Tempo

This platform is popular for its real money games for a poker player with every skill level. Poker Tempo gives you an option to start with minimum buy-in poker cards and build your bankroll at your own pace. The best part about Poker Tempo is that it allows you to play poker online on any device and platform including a website, windows desktop, android and iOS apps. In addition to the feature of playing anytime, anywhere, this platform also provides the safest withdrawal and deposit options to complete transactions just in a few seconds. This online gaming platform also gives amazing promotions and runs various tournaments to give an adrenaline rush to the poker player in you.Top 10 Poker Sites in India


4. Khelo365

This is a safe and secure playing platform with super easy cash deposit and withdrawal options. Khelo365 recently got revamped and came up with new features and a variety of new Poker games including Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Boos and Reverse Hold’em etc.


5. 9 Stacks

9Stacks is one of the most popular sites to play poker games online. The smooth interface and various loyalty programs make this a preferable choice among new poker players.


6. Poker Baazi

This safe and trusted poker website serves its players with interesting deals, tournaments and new promotions every day. Poker Baazi is also popular for hosting big tournaments like Poker Baazi Premier League.


7. Real Poker India

Next in the list is Real Poker India that is making a mark in the online poker gaming world with some exciting signup bonuses like a No Deposit Bonus and a Double Your Deposit Bonus.


8. Poker Stars

With its vast customer base, PokerStars has been dominating the online poker market. This poker website got in the limelight when it got almost 15,000 players playing real cash games.


9. Poker Raj

This is comparatively a new entry in the online Poker market from Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty and her husband Raj Kundra. The website is slowly gaining recognition but is still in its infancy stage.

10. Poker Yaar

This is a great option for the players looking for the wondrous thrill of playing poker. To help beginners learn the skills, Poker Yaar allows them to play different types of Poker games with artificial money. The choices may be many to play poker online free, but you can't risk your money by choosing any random site. So, make sure you choose any of the given sites to enjoy the game.Top 10 Poker Sites in India