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poker rules

Poker Rules

Poker is a game of fortune they say, but that is not all. Luck is definitely an important factor when it comes to playing poker online but you do need skill and a little expertise. As soon as the game of poker is blended with the idea of betting the skill factor demands a high rise and with the added skill you need to understand psychology as well.

In order to start with the whole idea of knowing how to play poker, there are some basic poker rules given that we need to understand. These rules are fundamental to all types of poker.

• Poker is played from a conventional pack of 52 cards. The cards are ranked usually from High to Low in the order: Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace. Now here, an ace can also be low ranked but is usually high. There are four suits namely spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs yet, no suit is higher than another. All poker hands are known to contain five cards, the highest card in hand wins.Poker Rules

• Some games also have Wild Cards, that can take on whatever suit and rank their owner desires. Seldom jokers will be used as wild cards, other times, the game specifies which card would be are wild.


• So, how do we actually bet?

Poker is, in fact, a gambling game. In most games, you must 'ante' something, just to get the dealt cards. Following which players bet into the game in the middle. At the conclusion of the hand, the highest hand wins. Fundamentally, when betting gets around to us, we have one of three choices:

• Call

When you call, you bet just enough to match what has already been bet considering the last time you had a bet for

• Raise

When you raise, you first bet just enough to match what has previously been bet since the last time you set a bet which is basically Calling, then you 'raise' your bet to another amount typically up to a limit cents.

• Fold

When you fold, you fall out of the current hand (which makes you lose any chance of winning the pot, but you don't inevitably have to put any money into the pot.

• Bluffing is an elemental feature of poker, one that differentiates it from other games and from other games It is, plainly put, an act of deception which makes your weak hand look stronger than it is fooling your opponents to fold. You just need to know how to choose your spots. There are six customary elements you need to contemplate while deciding whether or not to bluff: your opponents, your image, the betting history of the hand that you have, your current position, the strength that your hand has got and the size of the bet. Poker Rules


• As the last round of betting ends, if more than one player remains, there usually is a showdown, where the players declare their previously hidden cards and assess their hands. The player with the greatest hand according to the poker variant that is being played wins the pot. A poker hand includes five cards; in any of the variants where a player happens to get more than five cards possible to them, only the best five-card aggregate counts.

Poker is a game which has a lot of variants but the basic “poker rules” remain the same. Apart from rules, there are various different strategies that we need to incorporate in order to play smart and skilful. Poker is a game that will make you win big, every time, everywhere.Poker Rules