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Poker Hand Rankings - Something New Poker Players Must Know

Poker Hand Rankings Something New Poker Players Must Know

Poker Hand Rankings - Something New Poker Players Must Know

Have you recently started playing poker? Are you not able to enjoy the game to the fullest due to confusing hand rankings in poker? Don't worry, every new poker player goes through this confusion. But that doesn't mean you should stop playing the game. Rather, you should learn the basics of poker which also includes poker hand ranking and start playing the game like a pro.We make it easier for you to start your poker game journey with an easy and quick explanation of poker hand ranking. Check the hand ranking in the best to worst poker sequence:

1. Royal Flush

This is a straight flush with the Ace being the highest of five cards. In this poker hand ranking, the player gets all the cards from the same suit straight from ten to an ace.Poker Hands

2. Straight Flush

Next in the poker sequence is straight flush where the player gets a sequence of cards with the same suit. Players with this hand have high chances of winning the game.

3. Four of a kind

As the name suggests, in this poker hand, any four cards are of the same rank, which is also termed as a kicker. If two players in the game have 'four of a kind' hand, the one with the fifth card of a bigger rank wins the game.

4. Full house

To get a full house, a player needs to have a three of a kind and a pair like three of Aces and two 8's. In Texas Holdem Poker, if two players have the same full house, the winning amount is divided between both by splitting the pot.

5. Flush

Any five cards of a similar suit irrespective of their sequence are known are flush cards like 3, 5, 7, Queen and King of a diamond.

6. Straight

In this poker hand ranking, a player gets five cards of any suit in a sequence. The poker sequence of A-K-Q-J-10 is known as 'Broadway' that is also the highest possible straight hand.

7. Three of a kind

A hand with three cards of the same face value regardless of the suit and two different cards is known as a three of a kind.

8. Two pair

Very aptly named, this hand includes two different pairs in five cards like one pair of 9s, second pair of queens and any fifth card.

9. Pair

Second last in the poker sequence, this is one of the worst hands with only two cards of the same rank. If two players have a pair, the one with the higher rank wins the game.

10. High card

This is the last hope of winning the game for a player with none of the above-mentioned hands. You need to draw a High Card to win when you don't have any pair.

A clear understanding of different rankings in poker helps in playing the game in a better way. Now you know the poker hand rankings, start your budding career in poker as an enthusiast. With the right knowledge and practice, you will learn the poker sequence and start playing like a pro to explore the limitless opportunities in the game.