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myths about online poker

Online poker games have reached a greater height in recent times. If we talk about current stats, nearly 4 million players have indulged in Online Poker games in India. With this huge player base, Poker stands to be the most popular card games that we find online. However, Poker also attains the position of being the most misconceived games as far as clutching on to the trust in the myths about online poker is counted. 

A lot of myths encircle the online poker community which have eventually become so repetitive that some people have assumed it to be the hard and fast rule. The central problem with such myths is that they give out a deceptive impression of the game which further makes newbies resent playing poker online. Some of the commonly trusted online poker myths are as follows:

Online Poker Game is Predetermined

As an aftermath of online setup and many players losing on since they played in their leisure time, the myth that online poker games are predetermined rose outrageously. They claim that the result of the game is already fixed so playing would just be a waste of money and time. In reality, it is their poor game skills that lead them to lose the game. The players that are well familiarised with the gaming system online, understand why and what went wrong which made them lose. This is a very common myth which needs to be cleared out as because of this reason a lot of good players avoid playing online.

Playing Poker is synonymous to Bluffing

Poker is a game played after having devised a fitting strategy and game plan. Bluffing is one such strategy which at times help win the game. Hence, it is not a seal of assurance to make you win all hands. Bluffing if not done properly at the right time can prove to be unfavourable for the entire game. Even bluffing needs to be complemented with other game strategies to make you win big.

You get added bad hands while playing online

Another commonly believed myth that people blindly believe is that poker players online get bad hands of cards when they play live. This clearly settles to be a fraudulent statement as the cards that are dealt with in online poker games are randomly thrown. Since they are random in nature, the chance of one particular person getting added bad hands becomes really tough.

Good players are there to win

A person good at something is always feared off by the people who are not so good. This is more of a general notion and not specific to poker gaming online. A good person always winning the game is a myth that people surround themselves with. Poker is a game where you need some portion of a game plan and proper strategy along with some portion of luck. As far as the luck factor is concerned, even the most brilliant player will have bad luck at some point of the game. Good players might have better-winning streaks in the long run but seldom it is the not so good players that steal the show. A good or a bad player, in general, is determined by the total number of wins and defeats in various games.

There is absolutely no consistent win in Poker Online

The chances of winning a game of cards are a blend of proper strategy and luck. On one hand, luck can team up with any player whether good or bad while on the other hand, devising a proper strategy is a matter of experience. Your experience will empower you to play smart even if luck refuses to help. Hence, when you go for practising a proper strategy your winning chances rise higher than those who rely on luck solely. Consequently, making your wins a consistent phenomenon.

The truth behind the myths needs to be unsheltered as they are baseless and are of no good use. They help trigger a sense of refrain among the people who would want to play poker online.  It is 2020 and therefore it is time to be bothered less by these myths and rumours and play poker on PokerTempo more!