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How to improve your poker game?

How to improve your poker game?

How to improve your poker game?

Are you a new poker player and struggling to make money in the online game? Are you not happy with your profits from online poker game?

First of all, don't worry, as you are not the only one. There are numerous poker players playing going through the same problem. The only difference between them and you is that you tried to find out the solution and we are here to provide you with the same.

There are only a few things and strategies you need to work upon to change your luck in the poker game. Here are effective poker tips to help you improve your game.

1. Focus on ranges, not hands

No matter what type of poker player you are, you can easily spot average and beginner players by observing their thinking about their opponents. For instance, a beginner player tries to put somebody on a specific poker hand while an advanced player focuses on ranges, which helps in calculating pot odds.

What's the range?

It's the entire spectrum of poker hands a player can have in a particular situation. For instance, the chances of a player getting a flush, top pair, middle pair, bottom pair, a draw, ace-high or a complete air-ball bluff.

2. Play limited hands but aggressively

Even the world's best poker players have to limit themselves with the starting hands before the flop in No-Limit Texas Hold’em. Playing too many hands can make you lose your chip stack. To win the game, develop a solid preflop poker strategy and patiently play a hand not worth playing. One good strategy here is to play a tight range of playable hand aggressively. To disguise the strength of your actual hands, you can play more speculative hands aggressively.

3. Build your pot by fast-playing your strong hands

Slow-playing is a mistake made by players who have strong poker hands but are afraid of chasing their opponents out of the pot. The best way in such a situation is to build your pot and make more money by betting your strong hands. You can try to play your strong hands if:

  • The chances of you being outdrawn are less
  • The number of scare cards to stop you from making money on later streets is less
If you feel uncertain and not able to decide anything, it's better to bet or check-raise.

4. Be comfortable post flop

Putting people on tilt is one of the positive sides of LAG play style. The fish are the recreational players, who are extremely easy to tilt. Once you get the fish on tilt, you can easily get all their chips again and again. And how to get the fish on tilt? With the help of slow-play, which you can easily decide when to do by observing when they are foaming at the mouth with anger.

5. When there is a loose-aggressive or a tight-aggressive player left to act

Experienced online poker players know that the large pots happen due to betting after the flop. This is a problem, new players in poker game face as they only know about playing before the flop. If you want to big win in poker tournaments, you should learn to get comfortable with not getting your complete stake in before the flop. Though it's not easy to guess the relative strength of your hand, with practice, you will learn that the turn and river are the situations where you wish to invest most of your money. Hope you like the tips to improve your poker game. If you have any suggestions or queries, please let us know through the comments below.