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ethical practices to keep in place while playing poker online

The world of the game offers the liberty to sit back at ease, relax and take your mind and thoughts away from the stress of the daily world that clings hard. As it is known that the games are a sort of entertainment which are supposed to be light, there is some moral code of conduct that must be kept in mind while indulging in any game for that matter. When it comes to playing online poker with real money, there are some ethical practices that are important and expected of a Poker Player. Some of these conduct is a part of the rules of the game itself.

Talking of these practices and code of conduct, they are not really written down anywhere in any rule book or something but one should give consideration to them. Here are some of the practices that you need to keep in place while playing poker online.

Don’t Quit in an Abrupt manner

Quitting a game in an online front is quite easy, you just have to press the quit button and you can leave whenever you want to. People are likely to quit after winning a good amount. But in tradition, if you do something like that after winning a big pot with a lucky hand, then the other players, your opponents will definitely complain that it is more of a hit and run and that ethical practices have not been in place.

Don’t take long in Betting

It is very natural to think twice before there is yours to bet. But if one takes ages to make such a small decision, it can prove to be really annoying for other players. Poker games work by one simple rule- the time is money.

Don’t throw in the Pot out of turn

When one bets, they should save the chips straight in front of them. If one throws in the middle, it makes it difficult for the dealer to keep a check on as well as speculate on how much you bet.

Wait for your turn; act in your turn

A huge section of people plays Online Poker for real money. However, winning big is not always the case for these players. In order to win big, one can never completely rely on luck. Proper skill and strategy are also needed. A player with a lack of skills and strategy might win a few times but not always. Therefore in order to stake your chances of winning higher, it is important you practice more and more and free poker online gives you the edge that you just need. Being patient is one of the virtues you should start playing with. Waiting for your turn to come before you decide to fold is quite important.

Keep Up with the grace whether you lose it or win it.

As we have taught right from our childhood, Losing and Winning is actually the two different faces of the same coin. It is all part of the bigger game that you have been playing. If by any chance you lose or it looks like you are going to lose the game, don’t crash the table or throw the cards right at the faces of other players or the dealers. It looks horrendous and gives a very wrong impression of your etiquettes. In case you win, which will automatically mean that others have lost. Whilst you may be at your happiest, the others are obviously not and this is the time when you should be maintaining your calm and should not let your winning streak or remark mock your opponents who have just lost.

ANy game comes with a set of a lot of dos don’ts, Poker is no different from them. Numerous people are at it, playing poker for a different reason and different intentions. In such scenarios, it is even more important to hold ethical practice and keep your good book.

Poker- be it online or Offline maybe a gambling game yet it is known to be Gentleman’s game, the players with high ethical values have high regards with the utmost respect. So keep playing and keep getting better at a game that is quite a replica of Life.