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All possible options you have to play Poker

Poker is a highly popular game played almost all across the world. Those who have played poker earlier might be aware of all the available venues to play the game, but for those still in the planning phase must be unaware of the same. If you want to become a successful poker player, you need to be aware of all the venues and choose the right one to enjoy the game.

Along with the different venues to play Poker, you should also know their pros and cons to make the best choice. We make it easier for you by providing all the required details here:

Online Poker

Without a doubt, online poker today is the most popular venues for poker lovers. Players from all across the world play online poker to earn high yields. The game has got so popular that leading platforms also started organizing online poker tournaments where players win lakhs of rupees.

Pros of online poker

  • You can play anytime from the comfort of your home.
  • You can start playing online poker free to learn the game.
  • Players get a choice of a wide variety of games like Texas Hold'em, Omaha, Stud, Horse and Raz.
  • Based on your comfort zone and skill level, you can play any stakes ranging from a few pennies a hand to several thousands of rupees.

Cons of online poker

  • If not controlled, you can easily get addictive to the online poker game.
  • There are high chances of becoming a victim of cheating. However, you can avoid this by choosing a reliable online poker platform.

2. Casino Poker

This is the traditional poker place where players visit a casino to play the game. The casinos have tables, chips, dealers and pit bosses to manage the game. Casinos usually charge an hourly fee to provide you with all these services.

Pros of Casino Poker

  • They provide a comfortable environment for poker players.
  • You can find known faces and can feel comfortable when playing in casinos.

Cons of Casino Poker

  • It's an expensive experience to play at a casino.
  • If you are news, you might become a victim of 'regulars' who usually team up to beat a new player.

3. Home Poker

As the name suggests, home poker is played at home with families and friends. You can easily host a game with readily available items on websites and can start playing anywhere from your kitchen table to a real poker table.

Pros of home poker

  • You can pick and choose the players and place.
  • It fosters social networking that can further be converted into a professional relationship.

Cons of home poker

  • If you become a host regularly, you might find it too tiring.
  • A disagreement during the game can hurt feelings.

After reading the venues and their pros and cons, now you must be aware which one suits your poker playing style and needs the most. So, choose the best one and get ready to enjoy the game. If you are new, you can also start with free poker online on sites like Poker Tempo.