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5 Ways to Ensure Stay Safe When Playing Online Poker

5 Ways to Ensure Stay Safe When Playing Online Poker

5 Ways to Ensure Stay Safe When Playing Online Poker

Since its beginning in 1998, online poker game has grown by leaps and bounds. Today online poker is one of the biggest industries having billions of dollars’ worth. A large number of players try their luck every day to win and increase their bankroll. Players keep money at stake to win big, which leads to huge amounts of money being held online. This makes online poker a lucrative industry for the cybercriminals also. To ensure that you don't get duped, you need to do several things when playing poker online.

Here are some tips to stay safe and win big when playing poker game online:

Regular software update

Don't always rely on the free antivirus software that comes with the operating system. To ensure complete safety, look for a stronger anti-malware security suite that not just ensures protection from cybercriminals but also from other risks like Trojan viruses, spam and identity theft. Paid services are like a one-time investment you make to prevent bigger risks.

Use strong passwords

This is like we all know the importance of it but forget to apply. When playing poker online, choose a password that hackers can't break into easily. Passwords with your name, date of birth or words like poker, passwords are too easy to break in. Create a password with a combination of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and special symbols. If you find it difficult to remember such passwords, create multiple word passwords like "brigthnightalways".

Use a VPN

This is one of the best ways to ensure the security of your data and keeping it private. First of all, you shouldn't play poker games online on Wi-Fi, but if you still want to play it, you must use a VPN to encrypt your data. It will keep you anonymous and protect your data from the prying eyes.

If possible, you should try to use VPN even when you are using your own data connection as it makes it difficult for the criminals to unravel your true IP address and location.

Don't play as the admin

Playing from a computer on which you don't hold administration rights is another way to ensure your security when playing poker online. This will prevent others from installing any program on your device when you are playing a poker game. You can simply set up another account naming it 'poker' and log into it before starting a new game.

Use two-factor authentication

As clear from the name, two-factor authentication means adding another layer in the typical username and password process. It can be getting an OTP on your email id or on a registered mobile number or a special code that you need to enter to complete the login process.


There might be chances when things are not in your control, but most of the times poker players create threats themselves by being too casual. By being a bit extra careful and staying mindful, you can keep yourself safe from online threats and enjoy your poker game to the fullest and earn big.