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5 reasons making poker the best online game to play during covid 19

Why Poker is the best online game to play during lockdown?

COVID-19 and the lockdown to control the spread of the virus have put almost everything at a halt. People are sitting idle and getting frustrated. The only way to stay happy and busy is to indulge yourself in some online games. If you are wondering about the most interesting and enjoyable games, start playing Poker online, which is a perfect combination or earning and enjoyment.

If you are still thinking, why play poker during the lockdown, here are a few reasons to convince you:

Improved focus

Poker is one of the best games for the people who find it difficult to concentrate on something for a longer period of time. To win in poker, players need to take calculative decisions while collecting information about other players and their poker cards through their moves. This is possible only by avoiding distractions like social media notifications, messages etc. and focusing only on your game.

A thrill when feeling low

There are people who have lost the job due to this COVID-induced lockdown and feel too low during isolation. Playing poker game online on websites where you can convert a little money into trillions of dollars gives a thrill and makes players feel excited. Though not all the websites allow you to take home the money, the excitement of winning is still there.

Reduced stress

There are numerous reasons causing stress during this pandemic. This strategy-based game helps in reducing stress and building social relations while maintaining social distancing. Further, you can also find a solution to your game-related queries and learn new tricks by discussing them with more experienced players available on poker websites. You can connect with them after the game to learn new tricks and to share your thoughts about the gameplay.

Controlling negative feelings

Feeling bad when you can't move out of the house for months is normal. This has even made people take impulsive decisions also. But poker players could control their negative feelings well as compare to other people. Like real life, not everything is in control at the poker table, which players know very well and ensure that they don't let their emotions run wild. They learn to regulate their emotions effectively and intelligently, which also helps them in real-life.

Earning opportunities

There are many poker websites that run online poker tournaments in India. By participating in these tournaments, players can earn handsome money at a comparatively lower risk and with a lesser deposit. It happens due to facility to enter in different pools at the same time. There have been instances where more than one player has won lakhs of rupees in the same game.

Indian poker industry that was already in the growth phase in 2019 has further burgeoned during the lockdown. Not just the Tier I cities, the online poker websites have seen an explosive surge in the number of players from Tier II, III and IV cities also. If you haven’t tried it yet, start playing poker online free on Poker Tempo.